To design, build, host and maintain the website of the newly formed FRANCIS BACON MB Art Foundation, Monaco.

The design needed to successfully use the Foundation's highly detailed logo and also reflect the sense of style and quality that the Founder wishes to create across the whole of the Foundation.

The rest of the brief had to develop organically at the same time as the Foundation itself was being built.


The logo takes pride of place in the centre of the main menu, which instantly makes the site highly individual. The colours used in the site were taken from Francis Bacon's paintings (especially from those painted around the time he lived in Monaco).

The site uses text, images, slideshows, interactive elements, sounds and videos to present the Foundation and also provide an accessible introduction to the artist.

As the official language of Monaco is French, it was decided early on that the website must be truly bilingual. The website's CMS (content-management system) is built to allow each element, such as a page or a news item, to be managed in both languages. A human translation of the site from English to French was done to ensure nothing was lost in translation.


The site's CMS was built using the Drupal framework.

Custom JavaScript was written to make bespoke interactive elements such as the interactive map of Monaco, the Le français circle of Francis Bacon's connections with France and browsable exhibition catalogues. Flash content was avoided so that the whole of the site can be enjoyed on iPad and other mobile devices.

The site takes advantage of the latest Google Analytics reporting.