Brian Clarke Studio


To totally replace Brian Clarke's previous Flash-based website with a modern content-managed site. All of the site's content needed to be made editable by members of his studio. High-quality images were required throughout the site to do justice to Clarke's work and it was essential that they be accessible to Google image searches. The new site also needed to be fully functional on devices that don't support Flash, such as the Apple iPad.


The site's design was kept simple, to focus on the artist's work rather than the site's layout. The 3 x 3 grid used as the foundation of each page reflects the grids often found in Clarke's work. The new site offers the highest quality images of Clarke's work available online and all images are accessible to search engines.

The facility to instantly embed videos from the studio's YouTube and Vimeo channels is built into the site.


It was important to make the whole of this custom-designed and image-led site easy to content-manage. The site's CMS (content-management system) was built using the Drupal framework. Site editors can upload images to the site from anywhere in the world, with image cropping provided within the CMS so that square grid images can be quickly and easily created without the need for image editing software.

Two Drupal 'themes' (that define the look of the site) where developed for the site, allowing the whole website to be switched between a white and black background at the flick of a switch (with all text colours changing to suit the chosen background).

The site takes advantage of the latest Google Analytics reporting, which is configured to ignore people editing the website to give true visitor figures.